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Areas of Expertise
  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding
  • Long & Short Runs
  • Solutions Provider
Machinery & Equipment
  • 60 – 1250 Tons
  • Robotic Removal
  • Climate Controlled
Materials Processed
  • Commodity Grades
  • Engineering Grades
  • Resin Selection Know-How
Secondary Services
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Decorating
  • Warehousing & Distribution
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Mira Plastics is a thermoplastic injection molding company, family-owned and operated in Fredon Township, New Jersey, producing custom-molded products since 1955. We are experts in the operation of semi- and automatic two-plate, three-plate, runnerless and hydraulic core pull molds. As a further refinement, our machines employ productivity-enhancing state-of-the-art robotics for parts removal.

Custom Injection Molding, Thermoplastic Injection Molding in the NJ / NY area. We are specialists in the plastic molding industry.

We have considerable experience with a wide range of thermoplastic polymers and resins, colorants and additives, as well as a vast knowledge of their rheological properties and processing parameters, allowing us to select the optimum components for any project.

In addition to 18 injection molding machines, we also offer many secondary operations such as part design, 3-D model and mold making, ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, heat transfer decal, threaded insert staking, boxing, warehousing, and shipping.

Over the years we have produced merchandise for the industrial, commercial, cosmetic, electronic, houseware, and food and beverage sectors of the economy, to name but a few.

Are you looking for a plastics injection molding company in the NJ / NY area that can do Custom Injection Molding, Thermoplastic Injection Molding, and Plastic Molding?  We are the leaders in the NJ / NY area, with customers here and around the USA.

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