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Case History of Custom Plastic Molding Company

Mira Plastics is your one-stop shop from design through production. The story of one of our newest customers will illustrate the range of our capabilities.

This customer supplies top tier designers and department stores with various components used to display graphics and advertising items. These numerous parts were being fabricated with metal
(i.e.: die cast), but the cost was becoming prohibitive. As a result, this customer came to Mira Plastics for assistance in possibly converting these parts to plastic. An obvious goal was reducing cost; however, the main concern was for the parts to maintain an upscale-looking, finely detailed appearance while still being able to perform their necessary and critical functions.

Mira Plastics offers its customers expertise through all phases of product development - from design, model making and mold construction to the molding of actual plastic parts. Together with our customer, we helped to turn their idea into reality. Pleased with the final molded part, this customer has repeatedly returned to us for the conversion of several other parts from metal to plastic. All parties involved, including the end users, are completely satisfied with the results.

We offer all of our customers, both new and long-established ones, the same broad knowledge base and excellent customer service.


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Custom Plastic Injection Molding Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company
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