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Plastic Injection Molding Company Expertise

Mira Plastics brings three generations of industry experience to our customers in a truly unique, custom approach. We are fully committed to providing plastic injection molding services with a reputation based on honesty, integrity, loyalty, and knowledge unmatched in the industry. It is our goal to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Our plastic injection molding company's expertise lies within the operation of semi and automatic two-plate, three-plate, runnerless, and hydraulic core pull molds. Mira Plastics maintains three shifts, five days per week, and we offer long and short runs. Our stringent internal compliance with quality specifications endeavors to produce an end result of 100% customer satisfaction for all of our services.

We are well-known in the plastic molding industry, not only for the quality of work we produce, but also for our ability to discover unique and effective solutions to customers' needs, questions, and even dilemmas. Such dilemmas and difficulties may be caused by issues in the areas of design or processing or somewhere in between. We search for, discover, and suggest solutions that will bring forth the best possible molding outcome.

Our scope of knowledge is broad and covers many topics. These areas include, but are not limited to, injection molding services, machinery, auxiliary equipment, molds and their components, resins, colorants, additives, processing parameters, as well as the numerous types of interactions among these and other factors.

On many occasions through the years, when other plastic injection molding companies, like our competitors, have been unable to successfully produce a particular part, Mira Plastics has triumphed. The depth and breadth of our molding expertise make us an invaluable resource for our customers. Our customers recognize our knowledge and capabilities and continue to return to us for their plastic molding needs.

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