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History of Mira Plastics: Plastic Injection Molding Factory

Mira Plastics, a family owned and operated plastic injection molding factory, was founded in March 1955 by Anthony Miragliotta, Sr. He started the company in a small, one-room garage with one used injection molding machine, in Paterson, New Jersey. The garage quickly became too small for the growing business and Anthony moved to a larger building, still in Paterson, in April 1956. There he operated nine injection molding machines. The next few years saw continued growth, and in March 1962, Mira Plastics relocated to its present location in Fredon Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. In the early years of the company, the building was a 17,000 square foot structure, and the primary products were hobby and recreational items.

Through the years, Mira Plastics has become a notable presence among plastic injection molding factories and companies. Our product line has increased to include merchandise for the industrial, commercial, cosmetic, electronic, medical, houseware, and food and beverage sectors of the economy, among others. Due to this growth, Mira Plastics has undergone three significant expansions.

The year 2005 marked the 50th anniversary of Mira Plastics and we have since welcomed our largest machine to date, the Milacron MPs 600, which we received in fall 2017. We have also added a 200 Ton Engel to our repertoire of state-of-the-art thermoplastic injection molding< equipment.

Today, our 62,000 square foot facility houses 18 injection molding machines, in addition to numerous pieces of auxiliary equipment which allow us to offer our customers many secondary operations to our thermoplastic molding. These include ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, and heat transfer decal.

Today, three generations work together with the goal of seeing Mira Plastics continue to prosper and grow the plastic injection molding service offerings. We are proud of our humble beginning, our long history, and our present, modern facility. Always with an eye toward the future, we endeavor to provide our customers with a wealth of expertise, along with the highest quality products at competitive prices.

We remain one of the largest employers in Fredon Township, thereby positively contributing to the larger economy. Additionally, the surrounding acreage continues to be tended to by local farmers, free of charge, yielding an abundance of crops. Mira Plastics is a generous contributor to various charitable organizations, and was honored as a finalist in the New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award. Most recently, Mira Plastics was recognized by the NJMEP for its contributions to manufacturing in the State of New Jersey. Mira Plastics is proud to be your preeminent choice when looking for an injection molding company.


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